Towson Maryland – Criminal DUI Defense

Arrested or charged with a crime in Towson, Maryland?  Call Corley Law today for a free legal consultation! 410-812-5967

If you have been arrested, charged with a crime, issued a citation or summons, or have been contacted by the police for questioning, you should speak with an attorney immediately!  Whether the charge is as simple as a traffic citation or something more serious like DUI charges or a more violent offense an attorney can help protect your interests and defend you against aggressive prosecutors and law enforcement personnel.

Corley Law is a small solo attorney law firm, which means that Attorney Jim Corley will personally handle your case from beginning to end.  Mr. Corley handles all aspects of his cases, from office and case administration to trial representation.  As such, he only accepts a limited number of cases, ensuring that his clients receive personalized service and individual focus that they may not get in other firms.  Further, because Mr. Corley personally handles all aspects of your case, you will never be passed off to a secretary or paralegal.  When you hire Mr. Corley, you can be assured that your case will receive the high level of attention necessary to protect your rights and interests.

While many cases settle before trial, Mr. Corley is prepared and able to take every case to trial if necessary.  Call and speak with Mr. Corley today to find out what he can do to help resolve your legal matter. 410-812-5967



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