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Why I Chose to Hang My Own Shingle and Start My Own Firm

When my mom found out that I was opening my own firm, her response was classic. She said to me, “I knew that it would happen one day, because you don’t play well with others!” Thanks Mom! But it was the truth, and not necessarily in a bad way. You see, many attorneys, me included, … Continue reading

Is a Private Attorney better than a Public Defender?

I have a public defender, should I get a real lawyer?  Which is better a paid attorney or a free attorney?  The public defender works for the prosecutors don’t they? If you hang around a courthouse long enough, you will hear these same questions, over and over, in various forms.  The problem is that these … Continue reading

Who Wants An Anonymous Lawyer? Know who you are getting legal advice from!

So, I am a firm believer that when you meet someone and strike up a conversation, either in person or on the phone, it is a good idea to know who you are talking to.  This is why when you meet someone, you generally introduce yourself and ask the other person’s name.  Simple right?  “Hi, … Continue reading

Contact Me For A FREE Legal Consultation

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Welcome to my world…..

I am officially throwing my hat over the wall, boldly inserting my legal ramblings into the electronic age of social media and blogging. My goals, both self-serving and altruistic, are to educate those who stumble across my words with some level of legal knowledge, engage others in intelligent and relevant discussion, and make myself available … Continue reading