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Cafeteria Style Law Enforcement: The Idea That We Can Pick And Choose Which Laws To Follow Or Enforce

Should you have to follow a law that you don’t believe is “just” or “righteous” or even constitutional?  If so, should someone else have to follow a law just because you think it IS valid?  These questions seem to be more and more prevalent in today’s society.  Who should decide what laws to follow and when should … Continue reading

Should Standing Up Against Terrorist Threats Open You Up To Liability?

Sony Pictures’ release of the movie “The Interview,” in which James Franco and Seth Rogen attempt to assassinate North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, has resulted in significant threats of violence at or against any theater that shows the film.  As a result, Sony announced that it would allow the individual theaters to choose whether to … Continue reading

‘This Is My Jail’: Baltimore Corruption Case Goes To Trial

Originally posted on CBS DC:
BALTIMORE — Inside the Baltimore City Detention Center, gang members used smuggled cellphones, dealt drugs and had sex with corrupt guards — several of whom they impregnated — who helped them as they ran operations of the Black Guerilla Family, according to court papers in a case alleging widespread corruption…

Alcohol No Longer Required For A DUI Arrest, Only Bloodshot Eyes And A Dark Complexion

Despite passing a series of field sobriety tests, taking a breathalyzer test which showed a blood alcohol level of 0.000, and having a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) officer state that there were no signs of impairment or signs of any drugs, Jessie Thornton, a 64 year old retired firefighter, was arrested and charged with Driving … Continue reading

Should Bars Be Held Responsible For Drunk Driving Accidents?

Should a bar be held liable for drunk driving accidents if they serve a customer who then is involved in an accident?  The Maryland Court of Appeals heard arguments on Tuesday on this issue.  For the past 32 years, Maryland law, known as a “dram shop” law, has prevented victims of drunk driving accidents and … Continue reading

ACLU seeks policies ensuring right to video police (The Daily Record)

ACLU seeks policies ensuring right to video police (The Daily Record)