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Cafeteria Style Law Enforcement: The Idea That We Can Pick And Choose Which Laws To Follow Or Enforce

Should you have to follow a law that you don’t believe is “just” or “righteous” or even constitutional?  If so, should someone else have to follow a law just because you think it IS valid?  These questions seem to be more and more prevalent in today’s society.  Who should decide what laws to follow and when should … Continue reading

Why I Chose to Hang My Own Shingle and Start My Own Firm

When my mom found out that I was opening my own firm, her response was classic. She said to me, “I knew that it would happen one day, because you don’t play well with others!” Thanks Mom! But it was the truth, and not necessarily in a bad way. You see, many attorneys, me included, … Continue reading

“Ask a Lawyer” Websites: What You Need To Know BEFORE You Ask

There are many websites and forums available to the general public to pose legal questions, which are then answered by “attorneys.”  I participate on some of these sites from time to time and often question the wisdom of the people posing the questions, but also regularly question the wisdom contained in the answers.  As a … Continue reading

What Would Happen If You Actually Demanded Your Day In Court?

Did you know that more than 90% of all court cases, criminal and civil, are never actually decided by a court?  That isn’t to say they don’t make it to court, only that they are “resolved” by way of plea bargain, settlement, or other agreement to dispose of the case without having to present any … Continue reading

Is a Private Attorney better than a Public Defender?

I have a public defender, should I get a real lawyer?  Which is better a paid attorney or a free attorney?  The public defender works for the prosecutors don’t they? If you hang around a courthouse long enough, you will hear these same questions, over and over, in various forms.  The problem is that these … Continue reading

Should I Give A Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company? Will They Deny My Claim If I Don’t? You Do Have the Right to Remain Silent in Your Injury Case!

So you have been in a car accident and the other driver’s insurance company is on the phone asking you to make a recorded statement.  There is only one acceptable answer here:  NO!!!!  You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will be used against you!  This does not only … Continue reading

When Can I Fire My Own Lawyer? Are You Getting The Service You Deserve?

Do you have an attorney that acts like you are wasting his or her time when you call?  Or, do you feel that you are being treated like a file on your attorney’s desk rather than a valuable client?  Are you wondering whether you should fire your attorney, or whether you are even allowed to? … Continue reading

Supreme Court Grants Order Allowing Pre-Conviction DNA Collection In Maryland

In a one-sentence order today, the Supreme Court granted a temporary stay, until at least July 25th, which would allow Maryland Police to collect DNA samples from suspects who have been arrested and charged with a violent crime, before they have been convicted.  The ruling temporarily stays a 2011 decision by the Maryland Court of … Continue reading

You Do Realize I Went to LAW School and Not the Wizard’s Academy… Right?

A lawyer has many responsibilities in representing his or her clients.  One of the most important is expectation management.   No matter what area of law you are practicing, it is unlikely that your clients have a realistic concept of what lies in front of them at the outset of the legal relationship.  In addition … Continue reading