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‘This Is My Jail’: Baltimore Corruption Case Goes To Trial

The age old question of “Who Polices the Police?” comes to mind here.


BALTIMORE — Inside the Baltimore City Detention Center, gang members used smuggled cellphones, dealt drugs and had sex with corrupt guards — several of whom they impregnated — who helped them as they ran operations of the Black Guerilla Family, according to court papers in a case alleging widespread corruption at the state-run facility.

“This is my jail, you understand that,” Tavon “Bulldog” White told a friend in a January 2013 call, according to the documents. “I make every final call in this jail … everything come to me.”

“Whatever I say is law,” White, a member of the gang that took root in Baltimore’s jails in the 1990s, proclaimed in a call a month later. “Like I am the law.”

Black Guerilla Family members worked with guards to smuggle drugs and cellphones — crucial for the gang to conduct business on the outside — into the jail and other…

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