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“Ask a Lawyer” Websites: What You Need To Know BEFORE You Ask

There are many websites and forums available to the general public to pose legal questions, which are then answered by “attorneys.”  I participate on some of these sites from time to time and often question the wisdom of the people posing the questions, but also regularly question the wisdom contained in the answers.  As a … Continue reading

Stop and Frisk to Receive Face-Lift with New Name

Can changing the name of an over-used, invasive, warrant-less search, known as a “Stop & Frisk” become less offensive, simply by changing the name?  Baltimore City Police think so.  In what appears to be a bad case of deja vu, the City Police are again choosing a re-branding approach to a public relations problem than … Continue reading

What Would Happen If You Actually Demanded Your Day In Court?

Did you know that more than 90% of all court cases, criminal and civil, are never actually decided by a court?  That isn’t to say they don’t make it to court, only that they are “resolved” by way of plea bargain, settlement, or other agreement to dispose of the case without having to present any … Continue reading

Is a Private Attorney better than a Public Defender?

I have a public defender, should I get a real lawyer?  Which is better a paid attorney or a free attorney?  The public defender works for the prosecutors don’t they? If you hang around a courthouse long enough, you will hear these same questions, over and over, in various forms.  The problem is that these … Continue reading