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ACLU seeks policies ensuring right to video police (The Daily Record)

ACLU seeks policies ensuring right to video police (The Daily Record) Advertisements

Sexual Assault Victim Faces Jail Time For Publicly Naming Her Attackers

Sexual Assault Victim Faces Jail Time For Publicly Naming Her Attackers

A 17 year old sexual assault victim faces up to 6 months in jail for publicly outing her attackers.  The victim had passed out at a party and was assaulted by 2 boys, then pictures of the assault were posted on the internet.  When she learned that prosecutors had struck a plea deal with her attackers, the victim decided if the court system wouldn’t punish the boys properly, she would take it to the court of public opinion.  While the boys have pled guilty to 1st degree sexual assault and voyeurism, the victim now faces a $500 fine and up to 180 days in jail for contempt, by violating the confidential nature of a juvenile hearing.


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Supreme Court Grants Order Allowing Pre-Conviction DNA Collection In Maryland

In a one-sentence order today, the Supreme Court granted a temporary stay, until at least July 25th, which would allow Maryland Police to collect DNA samples from suspects who have been arrested and charged with a violent crime, before they have been convicted.  The ruling temporarily stays a 2011 decision by the Maryland Court of … Continue reading

Are You Dooming Your Own Personal Injury Case? (Part 1)

As an attorney, hired by clients to manage their personal injury cases and try to negotiate the best settlement for their injuries, there are few things more frustrating than a client who seems hell bent on making my job more difficult by undermining their own personal injury case.  Obviously (you hope), they aren’t doing it … Continue reading

You Do Realize I Went to LAW School and Not the Wizard’s Academy… Right?

A lawyer has many responsibilities in representing his or her clients.  One of the most important is expectation management.   No matter what area of law you are practicing, it is unlikely that your clients have a realistic concept of what lies in front of them at the outset of the legal relationship.  In addition … Continue reading

Who Wants An Anonymous Lawyer? Know who you are getting legal advice from!

So, I am a firm believer that when you meet someone and strike up a conversation, either in person or on the phone, it is a good idea to know who you are talking to.  This is why when you meet someone, you generally introduce yourself and ask the other person’s name.  Simple right?  “Hi, … Continue reading

Three Strikes (in Your Accident Injury Claim)….You’re Out!

Not every auto accident leads to serious injuries.  Those accidents that involve only minor injuries generally lead to modest recoveries.  But, on the other hand, there are accidents that lead to extremely severe injuries that should be compensated with a generous settlement offer. Unfortunately, there are a few things that frequently cause insurance companies to … Continue reading

What You Should Know About PIP – Personal Injury Protection

PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, is a type of insurance coverage typically included in your auto insurance policy.  Generally, PIP is viewed as a “no fault” insurance coverage, which pays for an auto accident victim’s medical, hospital, and disability expenses, as well as any lost wages, regardless of who actually caused the accident. The Maryland MVA describes PIP as … Continue reading

Is Facebook the Police Department’s New Confidential Informant?

Beware what you say to your friends on Facebook, there may be a confidential informant eavesdropping on you.  A July 12th report by indicates that social media websites, including Facebook, are now monitoring its users’ chats for criminal activity and suspicious behavior.  Facebook’s own Chief Security Officer has admitted at least one person has … Continue reading

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